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The Momabox is an absolute must in every household. They are perfect for the kitchen to store grains, spices, teas or whatever else that needs to be accessible and organised. You can also use them in every other room of the house, for example for in your office space for your pens and tools – your imagination is the only limit. The smaller boxes are great for jewellery and other small items that attend to disappear or tangle. They are available in eleven colours and six sizes, which gives you the versatility to customize your own organising system. The Momabox is a part of the permanent exhibition at Museum of Modern Art in New York.
Item number: 13594
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: w:8.73/d:8.73/h:16.30cm.
Colour: Crystal
Design: Gene Hurwitt - 1965
Info: Food safe - Can not withstand machine washing