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Splash memory cushion
Splash memory cushion
The Memory cushion are about the sense of touch. In the digital era where we are used to touching flat surfaces, the tactile experience is often neglected, therefore it becomes essential to stimulate our sense of touch through everyday objects.

The strong visual appearance of the surface invites to explore the pillows. By an innovative use of embroidered memory foam combined with a 3d knitted fabric as a part of the pillowcase, the Memory cushion bring on an element of surprise when touched.

The Memory cushion come in bold, fresh colors that bring character and modern expression to the interior.
Item number: 17042
Materials: 3D Fabric 65% cotton, 35 % Polyester
Dimensions: 55 / h: 40 cm
Colour: Blue / Nude stitches
Design: Witek Golik
Info: FILLING: 100% polyester